Monday, 17 December 2007

I finished my Smock Top!

Given that I am the "World's Worst Completer/Finisher", I am proud to announce that I completed the Smock-Top-From-a-Blue-Scarf that I began last week. I had to adapt the pattern I had slightly as I was working with limited material. But, you can see that the completed top looks okay. I wore it out dancing and it didn't fall apart!
I'm now on the "back" of my backless waistcoat. I'm knitting simple lace ties to keep it together. Then I've just got to put in the lining (so it looks fancy) and I'm done.

I'm going Salsa dancing on Thursday and I'm refashioning a deep red and gold sari that I got from a charity shop. I'll keep you updated as to what it becomes...

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